White hearts - Purity

Crystal heart collection, 100% real Carbon Fiber with original Swarovski® transparent crystals having brilliant multicolor reflections.

A light heart with multicolored crystals.
Expression of Pureness.
Hypoallergenic high-tech material.
Real silver hangs.

Dimensions about 25 x 30 mm (1 x 1.2 in)
Weight about 1.1 grams (0.038 oz) each



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Handmade carbon fiber earrings produced by Us of Aviacompositi with our new trade mark "Carbon Ikon®"Carbon fiber is an Aerospace material also used on Formula 1 cars, on Moto GP, America's Cup boats yachts and much more. In addition to being very beautiful, ultralight and strong, if properly processed and treated it is also considered a hypoallergenic material.


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