Our Made in Italy

Carbon ikon® is our registered trademark for products and luxury accessories made of Carbon fiber

The name of our Company is Aviacompositi www.aviacompositi.it and has been in the business of designing and manufacturing the highest level of carbon fiber parts in the aviation, automotive and military sectors for 30 years.

Our concepts of quality and accuracy in realisations are derived from the experience gained in these sectors, which are a guarantee of our expertise in the field of carbon fibre, which is then reflected in all the products we create.

The skills developed over the years and the modern technologies used such as the use of 3D CAD, 3D scan, CNC milling and 3D printing, without forgetting the high level Italian craftsmanship, have enabled us to obtain products of excellence recognised worldwide.

Our experience and pronounced creativity allow us to range across all technologies and elaborate craftsmanship techniques producing products of the highest level, unique, iconic and extraordinarily beautiful.

Mission & Vision

Creating unique and inimitable objects of style and utility for everyday use

Many of our products have registered copyrighted designs. Our mission is to offer objects that reflect the feeling and passion for our work. Our creations are part of us and our family who actively participate in their conception and realization.

Our products will never be just a sterile industrial production...

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