Our company has 25 years of experience in design and production of carbon fibre parts. They concern aeronautical, military and high quality motorsport field. As resulting from our company's name "Aviacompositi" is a word derivated from aeronautical composite materials.

It shows our aeronautical attitude and our concept of quality. In fact our experience derives from the Helicopters sector (rotors and structures in composite materials), this is a guarantee of our expertise in the field of carbon fibres and composite materials that is reflected in all the products we make.

The skills developed in these years and the modern technologies used, (without however forgetting the traditional handcraft skills), had allowed us to achieve globally recognized products of excellence.

Our background of experience allows us to guarantee the creation of products of the highest level, unique, extraordinarily beautiful in virtue of our desire to create objects of "Top Design"

 Mission & Vision:

Create and offer Beauty by making unique and inimitable objects!

Several of our products' design are protected by copyright. Our mission is to offer objects that reflect feelings and passion for our work. Our creations are a part of us, of our family and they will never be a sterile industrial production.